Athletics Day

On Wednesday May 16th the JFK Athletic's Team headed to Ennis to participate in the Limerick Primary School Sports. 24 boys represented us in the 80m, 100m, 200m, 400m, long jump and relay. The team ran and jumped hard all day and we won our group in gallant form bringing back a piece of silverware to the school. We had a fantastic day, finished off with a celebratory ice cream. Well done boys!

Green Fingers in JFK

Take a look at the hard wo rk that Ms Ryan's young gardeners have been doing since April. They prepared the raised beds, planted various flowers , fruit, herbs and vegetables and have been maintaining them weekly. Recently during our hot weather the boys had to get out the water hose. We can't wait to taste a few juicy strawberries...yum yum!

JFK Daily Mile

We are delighted to have introduced the Daily Mile initiative to JFK this term. The Daily Mile is an initiative which improves the physical, emotional social heath and well being of children. It was first introduced in a Scottish primary school but has now become so popular that schools in the UK , Holland, Belgium, the US and now Ireland participate in the programme. Boys run or jog a mile – at their own pace . They occasionally walk to catch their breath, but are aiming to run or jog for the full 15 minutes. It is non competitive and fun and already it is proving very beneficial.

John F Kennedy Memorial School


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