Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Policy

Through our healthy eating policy the John F. Kennedy Memorial school aims to help all those in our school community; children, staff and parents in developing positive and responsible attitudes to eating and to appreciate the contribution that good food makes to health. Nutrition, i.e. what we eat, is  one of the key factors influencing health and well-being. All children bring a packed lunch to school in addition to a snack for the morning break.  Food is also a feature of school celebrations. The taught curriculum provides an opportunity to teach about food and healthy lifestyles.

School Lunches

• Parents are encouraged to give children healthy lunches. 
• A healthy lunchbox includes a piece of food from each of the bottom four shelves of the Food Pyramid. e.g. ham sandwich, carton of orange juice and strawberry yogurt.
• Friday is treat day.  On this day one small piece of food from the top shelf of the Pyramid may be included.
• Cans and glasses are not permitted for safety and litter reasons. 
• Healthy choices for drinks include water, milk and unsweetened fruit juice.
• Fizzy drinks, sweets, bars, chocolate and crisps are not allowed.
• Foods which have wrappers, are best kept to a minimum.  All food wrappings must be brought home and we encourage the use of lunchboxes and reusable bottles for drinks.

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