• Jesse Smyth (6th Class)

Athletic Skills Workshop in LIT!

Each Friday, Ms. Halpin's and Mr. Fahy's classes went down to LIT to do our PE for an hour. When we reached LIT in our first week we got split into groups, in my group we did an exercise that involved jumping from one side of a mat to the other as many times as we can in one minute. Other groups did exercises which involved long jumps, short jumps, obstacle course races and throwing javelins and medicine balls.

While we were doing the mat-jumping exercise we made a little game where we had to see who could get the highest score. It was really fun and in the end James got a high score of forty-eight.

After that, we moved to the javelin and medicine-ball throwing. We started it off by getting into even smaller groups of two. I was paired with Daniel and when it was our turn we threw the ball as hard as I could and I was quite proud of getting a solid score of nine.

Next we moved to the javelin throwing, where our group had to throw, like the medicine-ball, as far as we could. Before we started, our mentor demonstrated how to throw the dart properly then Daniel and I went up with two other people, Luke and Patrick. I threw the dart with as much power as I could muster and I did pretty well but not as good as the medicine-ball. Luke, Patrick and Daniel did really well also throughout all the exercises.

When the whistle blew, we moved to the jumping, where we had to do a running jump and see what score we got. My group did pretty well in that too.

Then we came onto the most fun exercise, the obstacle race!

We split ourselves into groups, half on each side, and got ready to go through the obstacles. I was about three people back in the line and was against Kieran. When I got up to the top of the line, I braced myself. When Daniel got back I ran through the obstacles which included a small tunnel to crawl through and hopped over some fences. I finished it off by running around a cone and running back down.

Over the last five weeks we have kept going down and repeating the exercises that were getting a bit harder each time. At the end we were all in pretty fit shape and we had definitely improved our movement skills.

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