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School Closure - Useful Information

Covid-19 has changed the routine of our lives in so many ways. JFK school will be closed until the 30th March 2020. Teachers have sent home work for your child to complete during the time off. Teachers will continue to communicate through Seesaw and email. Please check your Seesaw and email notifications regularly and contact your class teacher if you need any guidance or support. These are challenging times for us all and we at JFK are glad to help in any way we can.

It is important to set up a daily routine which allows children to have a balanced day. Here are two examples of a daily routine from which you might get some ideas. You can then create your own daily routine to suit your own family circumstances.

The following are a list of websites you may find useful (art ideas) (click on the menu/new storybook. Children can then create book) (activities and movement for all children, an app which can download onto to Smart TV's) Enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS to get a month’s free access useful to develop Irish Vocabulary (fantastic for oral discussion)

Guidance on how to talk to young people about COvid-19 is available here:

We hope you all remain safe and healthy during this time off and we look forward to seeing you all back at school when we re-open.

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